Hi everyone,

Some of you may have noticed that we recently posted a job opening for an entry-level brewery position on TapHunter’s CraftBeerCareers.com.  As of yesterday, we hired our newest employee, Tyler Tucker!

Tyler’s love for beer began like many with a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  He became hooked on craft beer and constantly sought out many styles and varieties from breweries near and far.  After some time, Tyler moved to San Diego where his love for beer was fueled by the many excellent breweries this city is gifted with.

His fiancée noticed his strong love of beer and bought him a homebrew kit.  “The monster was born,” Tyler recalls.  He began homebrewing round-the-clock and applying to breweries all over the county.  As fate would have it, he and Travis connected when Travis brewed at a small brewpub.  Travis saw potential in Tyler and allowed him to work long hours in horrible conditions for no pay.  Since that time Travis and Tyler kept in touch while Tyler was working at different breweries in San Diego (most recently Manzanita).

Wanting to learn more about brewing, Tyler enrolled at the Siebel Institute of Technology and began taking classes in Chicago.  While at Siebel, he applied to the posting on CraftBeerCareers.com.  Upon returning to San Diego, Travis and Doug interviewed Tyler and offered him the position of Scrub Monkey & Keg Shepherd (and assistant brewer).  Societe is proud and excited to have Tyler on board and looks forward to working with him.

We want to recommend CraftBeerCareers.com to anyone hiring in the industry. It is not limited to just brewing positions, it is designed for any job openings revolving around craft  beer.  Congrats to TapHunter for launching such a useful tool.

More posts to come soon!

-Doug and Travis

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