We’d like to introduce you to an employee that’s been with us from the beginning, Lorah Smith. She is our Event Coordinator and part of our public relations and social media team. She also fills many other miscellaneous roles for the brewery.

Lorah Smith’s love for craft beer began in 2002 when Travis (her boyfriend at the time,) kept hinting at the idea of making his own beer. It was then she realized she had to help foster this love and searched for the best home brew kit she could find. It was a hit! And she quickly learned that she too loved great beer. She became a member of the local homebrew club, made some of her own homebrews and a couple of collaborations with Travis, all while continuing on in her teaching career.

Since 2005, she has devoted much of her free time to work at as many craft beer festivals as she could squeeze in – pouring or just promoting great beer.

In 2009, Lorah, together with Travis and their two children, moved to Southern California to be closer to their families. Of course, her love and encouragement for the family remaining in the craft beer industry continued. She was hired at a local San Diego brewery in 2010 as their Social Media and sometimes publicist contact person. Right away she knew she loved the San Diego craft beer culture, and was anxious to help plan and promote in such a fun and beer loving city.

In 2011, when Societe Brewing Company started needing an extra hand, she gladly and proudly started working as a Writer/Editor/Public Relations/ Social Media/ Miscellaneous Other Extraordinaire! While the job description and company’s needs have changed a few times, her love and devotion in helping put Societe (and great craft beer in general) on the map has not.

As a craft beer lover, as well as being a Brewer’s Wife, Lorah has developed a respect for the art that is beer and brewing. She wishes to pass on her love and knowledge to everyone she meets, as well as hopes to help educate her children in the craft.

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