We would like to announce the most recent addition to our team. Our Sales Manager, Mark Schell.

Mark is a San Diego native, born and raised. He began building his taste for craft beer with Sierra Nevada and “Sam” in the mid-90’s, but quickly graduated to the “newer” and more local craft breweries such as Stone and Ballast Point.

After seeing what was being crafted right here in his own backyard, Mark and his dad were inspired to start homebrewing together. This was both a fun and educational experience, and encouraged him in his desire to be part of the craft beer culture.

Mark has worked in different sales and management positions over the years. However, when he saw the local craft beer scene was really expanding, he decided to shift his focus.

In 2007, Mark was able to make his way into the local craft beer industry. He was pleased to be selling something he enjoyed and was proud of, craft beer.

Societe is excited to have Mark as part of the team; we all look forward to working
with him.

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