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Some journey the world in search of that special someone; a soul-mate for which they are perfectly suited to spend eternity. The Bachelor observes this behavior—he can even find the nobility and normalcy in it—but for him, monogamy is simply too cruel a rule. This free-wheeling gadabout sees the fairer half of this spinning orb’s populace as a nearly endless source of pleasure. Were it possible, he’d have his way with all of them, but knowing his earthly and biologic limitations, he employs a more selective, fastidious approach that’s as frequent as it is fleeting, hand-selecting conquests, one after the other, unimpeded by the concept of forever. It’s always a one-time thing. There will be no repeat-performances. It’s going to be what it’s going to be, but it’s also going to be a thorough exploration that touches on all the senses.


Many are the comely damsels who’ve surrendered to The Bachelor’s charms. And he distinctly remembers each of them…but not necessarily because they tickled his fancy or scratched that proverbial itch. Were achieving such synergy as simple as two random forces colliding, life would be so much simpler…and, in his opinion, insanely dull. Part of the excitement of engaging the opposite sex (but never in a matrimonial sense) is the potential for incompatibility. How can one fully appreciate harmony unless they’ve suffered through discord? Without our failures, what would drive us to succeed? Each imperfect liaison helps him recognize the desirable characteristics missing from that tryst, thus increasing the probability of achieving eventual perfection. Yes, The Bachelor has learned a great deal by perpetually pushing the envelope of singularity…but he’s nowhere near finished.

Subculture: Out West | Style: Single-Hop IPA | Alcohol-by-Volume: 6.5%
Availability: Draft-only, at the Societe Tasting Room and throughout San Diego County
Hop Varietals Explored (so far): Cascade, Centennial, Mosaic, Motueka, Chinook, Citra, Azacca, Amarillo, Rakau, Sorachi Ace, Jarrylo, Simcoe, El Dorado, Northern Brewer, Galaxy, Hallertau Blanc, Mandarina Bavaria, Eureka!, Idaho 7, Calypso, Nugget, African Queen (AKA: J17), Nelson Sauvin, CTZ

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There you are, perched atop a barstool, perusing the beer-board, when suddenly you pick up the silhouette of a foreboding figure in your periphery. Though unassuming in most ways, this individual demands your attention—not by might or even with words—but by his mere presence. He stands at the doorway for a moment, surveying the place’s inhabitants, assessing…always assessing. For this is his business, assessment and, of course, collection. Though gaunt as a specter, his right forearm is surprisingly meaty, for it does the literal heavy-lifting. Dangling from the end of that appendage is an empty satchel, but it won’t be empty for long. The Exciseman has come to claim his due and he won’t be leaving until he’s been made whole.


You lock eyes and know in an instant that resistance is futile. Cat-and-mousery will only prolong the inevitable, so as he approaches you allow yourself to yield and order a black lager. It pours onyx as the unfeeling heart of this unwelcomed guest. It tantalizes, first with faint traces of stony minerality followed by bold flavors of baker’s chocolate. Just as you begin to take it all in, like the garnishing of wages, your palate is wiped clean by a bone-dry finish that leaves you eager to go back for more. You indulge that yen, time passes and, before you know it, The Exciseman is on his way out the door, his satchel filled with your hard-earned wages. And you find this experience, this transaction, wasn’t all that bad after all. In fact, it was quite pleasant. In this brief moment, you can appreciate the art of this infrequent visitor. You offer an unseen tip of your hat to him—and a percentage of your wealth—and take another sip.

Subculture: Stygian  |  Style: Black Lager  |  Alcohol-by-Volume: 5.4%
Availability: Draft-only, at the Societe Tasting Room and throughout San Diego County

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The results of our 2016 Holiday Food Drive are in and, thanks to all of our amazing, passionate, generous fans, we were able to collect a whopping 23,153 pounds of donations for the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank. We did not stutter (or ham-hand it on the keyboard)…we really raised more than 11½ tons of canned meats, soups, fruits, vegetables, dried goods and more, which the Food Bank says equals 19,294 meals for families in need throughout San Diego County. We expected this to go well, but honestly, we’re floored with how you all came out in force to better the lives of all of our neighbors.

This was our fourth year holding this drive. The first year, we counted ourselves lucky to collect the 263 pounds we handed over to the Food Bank. When we more than doubled that with 633 pounds the next year, we were overjoyed with the increase. And last year, when we got all the way to 4,972 pounds, we thought we’d hit the ceiling for this thing. But success like that encouraged us to challenge ourselves to push this thing further, and as we brainstormed it quickly became clear that, as with most things here at Societe, beer would be the catalyst for maximized goodness. Enter, The Urchin


Aged multiple years in oak before being blended into its balanced, fruity, tannic final form and bottled in 500-milliliter bottles, it went up for sale in our tasting room the day the food-drive began…for $50! Initial (and completely understandable) sticker-shock was instantly erased by the alternative offer we issued to customers, telling them that if they brought in 50 pounds of food (something that could be done for as little as $15 depending on where one shopped) we would sell them a bottle of The Urchin for just $5 (which is $15 less than our standard Feral beer price of $20). For the non-mathematicians out there (ourselves included…thank Gambrinus for smart-phone calculators), that equates to a wash. We sold 323 bottles of the beer, so The Urchin was responsible for roughly two-thirds of our total donations.

As we got closer to reaching the 20,000-pound mark, we decided to make that our new goal and do everything we could to reach it. Again, that meant doing something beer-related; in this case, lowering the price of our Feral beers from $20-per-bottle to $18-per-bottle. And not for a day, week or month…permanently. A 10% markdown was our way of going all-in and, honestly, we’re thrilled we not only hit, but far surpassed that spontaneously established goal, because after all this, it feels really good to give something back to everyone who gave so much.


At this point, like us, you’re probably wondering what we have up our sleeves for our 2017 Holiday Food Drive. And, like you, we just aren’t looking that far ahead yet. But we do have plenty of philanthropic efforts slated for this year, starting with our monthly charity partnerships, where we team with a different non-profit on a monthly basis and donate a portion of sales from each Tuesday of that month to support their efforts. The following is our list of charity partners for the first six months of 2017:

In addition to our January partnership with YALLA, we’ve decided to help out a tasting-room regular who was recently involved in a tragic auto accident that left him paralyzed. Sadly, he did not have insurance at the time of the accident, leaving him in a very tough spot. His favorite Societe beer is The Apprentice IPA, so we’re donating $1 from the sale of each pint of that beer directly to him. His friends have also rallied together to start a crowd-funding campaign to help with his medical bills, which can be accessed here.


Making great beer is our passion, and it’s rivaled only by our desire to make a difference in our community. We couldn’t do that without your help, so know that your efforts are appreciated and that we’ll continuously provide plenty of opportunities to better the lives of our friends and neighbors!

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