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It’s impossible to lay gaze upon The Miser’s wealth of treasures and avoid succumbing to petty jealousy. He has it all, and he has it all on everybody else. But is he happy? Of course he is. He has everything, and your envy is the very proof that material things matter as much as they do. Otherwise, why would he eschew basic gestures of generosity despite having far more than he could ever need? Like all of us, The Miser has chosen what’s important in life, and what means the most to him is stuff, and the accumulation of it. Yes, he has it all…and he intends to keep every bit of it for himself.

Being in The Miser’s eccentric presence can be challenging—and a tad more than some can withstand. Fortunately, he keeps to himself for the most part, making only the rarest of public appearances; pouring into town like some gaudy parade-float for a covetous world to get an eyeful of. He’s a show-off, but you have to hand it to him, while this victor hoards his spoils, he puts them to good use, extracting the very best from the very best stock to produce a spectacle both overwhelming and delicious. More hops than should be afforded on any one beer are packed into every stage of the brewing process to produce a brawny yet fluid quaff with illustrious aromatics of stone-fruit and pine, followed by bold citrus and tropical-fruit flavors. It’s balanced, but not the least bit subtle; something to be appreciated…provided you can pry a glass from The Miser’s stingy death-grip.

Subculture: Out West | Style: Really Big IPA | Alcohol-by-Volume: 10.5%
Availability: Draft-only (once in a blue moon), exclusively at the Societe Tasting Room

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Our brewery and the beer that pours forth from it exist for the purpose of indulgence. So it’s fitting we’re celebrating a half-decade in business by pushing the boundaries of quality consumption with an event so gargantuan, we had to pull out a cleaver and hack it in two meaty, beer-drenched portions. Either will sate those in search of a good time fortified by fine food and beverage, but only those with the hardiest of souls and stomachs will be able to withstand the 9 hours, 12 beers (minimum, including new and rare offerings) and 10 courses of expertly paired cuisine (plus epic charcuterie reception and take-home confections) comprising the full SOCIETE 5 experience, which will take place at our brewery on Saturday, June 24.

To pull off something this big, we’re calling in friends from the 5-Chef Societe, big-name gastronomes who fly under the radar each year to throw celebratory beer-paired suppers with us. (See below for a full roster detailing this skilled troupe.) We’ve brought back nearly every chef who’s lent their talents to these edible endeavors—even some from the other side of the country—and all of us will bring our best to create a day of decadence honoring five years in the books and many more to come. Here are the details…

PART I: SOCIETE 5 Five-Year Fest
Saturday, June 24, 2017 | 1-5 p.m.

We’ll convert our parking lot into sacred ground upon which to unleash impressive dishes developed by culinary all-stars from the royal order of the 5-Chef Societe to pair with specific Societe beers. Your ticket includes:

  • Entrance to the festival
  • A “festival-strength” commemorative SOCIETE 5 glass
  • Unlimited beer (including a wine barrel-aged Feral beer) and food from the chef stations (while supplies last)
  • Access to the unlimited beers being served in our tasting room during the festival
  • Access to limited-edition SOCIETE 5 apparel

PART II: SOCIETE 5 Five-Year Fest AND Feast
Saturday, June 24, 2017 | 5-10 p.m.

Directly following the SOCIETE 5 Five-Year Fest, we’ll usher 100 revelers of great ambition and fortitude into our tasting room, where we will treat them to a reception stocked with beer, artisanal cheese and charcuterie. At 6 p.m., we will embark on a seated, plated, five-course banquet for the ages that will close with full bellies and the issuance of beer plus gourmet truffles to-go. Your ticket includes:

  • Entrance to the festival
  • A “festival-strength” commemorative SOCIETE 5 glass
  • Unlimited beer (including a wine barrel-aged Feral beer) and food from the chef stations (while supplies last)
  • Access to the unlimited beers being served in our tasting room during the festival
  • Access to limited-edition SOCIETE 5 apparel
  • Entrance to the dinner
  • A high-quality piece of commemorative SOCIETE 5 glassware befitting a meal of this caliber
  • Unlimited beer and food during the reception (while supplies last, of course)
  • Food and drink during the dinner
  • Beer and truffles to take home

Tickets to SOCIETE 5 are available online. From now through April 19, we’ll be offering them at significantly discounted early-bird pricing. So get in on all the goodness while you can do it for less! We look forward to celebrating this milestone with you and thank the following members of the 5-Chef Societe and their partners in revelry for helping us to pull off this ambitious affair.

5-Chef Societe
Karen Barnett, Small Bar
Tyson Blake, O’Brien’s Pub
Hanis Cavin, Carnitas’ Snack Shack
Ashley Drake, The Chocolate Lush
Lety Gonzalez, Uptown Tavern
Karl Prohaska, Kitchens for Good
Eric Sarkisian, PB AleHouse
Anthony Sinsay, Jsix
Nate Soroko, Toronado San Diego
Rich Sweeney, Waypoint Public
A.G. Warfield, Common Theory Public House

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He watches the world like a bloated vulture atop an ivory tower awaiting the expiration of the wretched and the damned. For most, life is a journey versus a destination, but his entire life has been about reaching the lofty space he occupies. His personal voyage is over. Now he’s a fixture on a nearly astral plane of governance where the haves rule the have-nots. To get there, he painted on an uncharacteristically pleasant public-facing persona to garner ballots bearing his name. The road to his enviable place in the political hierarchy was paved with those slips of electoral parchment; so seemingly small and insignificant alone, yet so powerful when lumped together to convey majority-rule. But long gone are his days of groveling to curry the favor of the unwashed masses. A clever politico knows such tactics are only necessary the first time around. The Highbinder now employs more efficient, foolproof tactics for ensuring reelection and acceleration of his agenda.

There’s always a loophole to exploit, so long as you look hard enough, and never a shortage of big-wheels to grease nor citizens to strong-arm. Failing all that, he’s a man of means and there is nothing a fat wad of greenbacks can’t take care of. This is his stance, his credo. It’s never been about his constituents, simply about having constituents upon which to impose his will. It feeds his ego, that most vital component of his being. And what good is money and power without status and the unchallengeable ability to do whatever you please, even if it flies in the face of everything you promised to get elected, everything your position supposedly stands for and the entire democratic system you’ve sworn to uphold and protect? His very existence and death-grip on the crown answer that very question louder than words ever could. But to meet with him in his palace on-high at least means indulging in the refined raspberry-, wine- and oak-kissed, barrel-aged nectar bearing his name. Unlike him, it is subtle, refined and true. Snag a few bottles on your way out—he owes you at least that much.

Subculture: Feral | Style: Blended Barrel-Aged Sour Ale with Raspberries | Alcohol-by-Volume: 5.7%
Availability: For sale exclusively in 500ml bottles at the Societe Tasting Room

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