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Last year, thanks to the generosity of our patrons, we were able to collect a whopping 23,153 pounds of needed provisions for the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank. That’s more than 11.5 tons and equates to an incredible 19,294 meals! We knew we had awesome fans frequenting our tasting room, but this exceeded our wildest dreams for this charity effort. The 2016 drive saw an overwhelming 366% increase in donations from the previous year’s campaign. We know it won’t be easy and we’re biting of quite a challenge, but we’d like to attempt to collect even more food this year than last year. We’re ready to put our money–and our beer–where our hearts are, and provide plenty of incentives to reward the people who help us help San Diego families in need.

This year’s drive will take place from November 20 to December 31. That equates to six weeks. We currently have six Feral (barrel-aged wild) ales available in our tasting room. The cost per 500-milliliter bottle is between $17 and $18, but each week we will select a Feral Ale of the Week (see schedule below). What does that mean? We’re glad you asked! For every 25 pounds of food someone donates from the Food Bank’s most-needed list (see below), they will be entitled to one bottle of the Feral Ale of the Week for the extremely low price of just $5. And bringing in any amount of food from the most-needed list will entitle customers to $1 off every full beer they order the day of their donation. But wait…there’s more. If we do surpass last year’s total donation poundage, we will reward everyone who comes to our tasting room by reducing the price of all of our beers by $1 for the entire month of January 2018! Everybody wins, but most of all, our friends and neighbors who are hungry and require our help.

The following is the San Diego Food Bank’s most-needed items list:

  • Canned Meats & Tuna
  • Canned Soups
  • Canned Fruits & Vegetables
  • Canned or Dried Beans
  • Dry Cereal
  • Rice
  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Spaghetti
  • Infant Formula
  • Peanut Butter
  • Powdered Milk

Last year, we offered a $5 bottle of The Urchin, our barrel-aged Feral ale with cranberries–which originally retailed for $50–to patrons who donated 50 pounds of food. This year, we wanted to lower the donation amount by half, but keep the same big discount. We will kick off our Feral ale of the week with the 2016 vintage of The Urchin, followed by the brand-new 2017 vintage of our barrel-aged Feral blonde ale, The Swindler. All of our current Feral ales will get their own week before we close out with the delicious 2016 vintage of our Feral dark ale with cherries, The Savage. There are plenty of diverse and delectable reasons to do what folks as nice as you would have done even without a reward, but we think you deserve one and appreciate you making such a positive difference in our community. Cheers and happy holidays!

Weekly Discounted Feral Ale Schedule:


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While some fear the approach of All Hallow’s Eve, we harbor a freakish, nay, frightening love for Halloween. Enough that we’re stretching our celebration of things that go bump in the night to five days, each with its own special activities and promotion. Read on and mark your calendars (in blood) appropriately!

Friday, October 27 | Price-Slashing Password: Check out our social-media accounts before coming to our tasting room. We’ll post a not-so-secret password that, when uttered to our pintsmen and pintswomen, will result in you receiving $1 off every beer on your tab for the evening. This includes our Fearal…er, FERAL barrel-aged ales, too!

Saturday, October 28 | Sugar Skull-duggery: Show off your individuality with a display of artistic flare. We will have sugar skulls for sale as well as a veritable treasure trove of art supplies for you to decorate those sheet-white cranial canvases. It’s fun for the entire family with spirited arts and crafts…and craft beer, of course!

Sunday, October 29 | Pumpkin Paring: Spend a Sunday taking your aggression out on autumn’s harvest. We’ll have carving tools and Societe character stencils, as well as some nice prizes for our most creative craftspeople. This is a BYOG (Bring Your Own Gourd) event, but we will have a limited number of pumpkins for sale. Can’t make it and still want to carve a bad-ass Societe character into your pumpkin. Click the images below to download the stencils and print them at home!

Monday, October 30 | Movie Monday: Mondays are already scary enough, but we’re upping the fear factor by projecting silent vintage horror movies against the wall of our tasting room. Apt beer pairings for this one-night, pop-up theater of the macabre include The Butcher, The Savage and The Highwayman!

Tuesday, October 31 | Half-off Halloween: Candy’s dandy, but beer is cause for Halloween cheer. Celebrate All Hallow’s Eve with us and our enthusiastic crew. Come in wearing a costume and enjoy any of our beers for a whopping 50% off. From Hollywood-grade make-up to a sheet with eyes cut out, all disguises merit a mark-down!

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Psst. Hey, you? Looking for a good time? We know that forlorn look. We’ve seen it a million times. But fear not, we know someone who has the remedy for your lonesomeness: The Madam. She has the in on the sin in this town. No need to be coy. Many are the man seeking a scratch to the proverbial itch; carnal agitation and unrequited desire are realities as common as they are widespread. They feed her livelihood while she feeds their sufferers’ primal urges. Consider The Madam the physician with the tonic to cure what ails you. Like a medicine-man, she’s carefully cultivated a stock of rather attractive antidotal options, so surely there is one that will stroke your fancy.

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