It’s only been about two weeks of demolition and to our delight it’s nearly complete. All that remains are a few minor walls, and the floor in the brewery.

It’s so exciting to see everything coming down as we continue the transformation from warehouse to brewery. With all the walls, old bathrooms, and offices gone, we are able to visualize better how it will all come together in the weeks and months ahead.

One of the highlights of the demolition came in the first couple days when the first wall was being torn down. Hidden inside the walls for the last 30 plus years, we discovered two (empty) perfectly preserved Coors cans. Could it be a sign that beer belongs here?  Over the days that followed, more cans were discovered. However, we think the first two we found together were a sign of good to come. We plan to keep them here at the brewery, perhaps even put them on display in the tasting room.

1970’s Style Coors Cans

Next week we will begin installing the overhead tract to hold various necessities: electrical, water, glycol, air, steam, etc. Once this is complete we will be able to proceed with the demolition of the floors. Then we will start the built-out once the permits go through.

Here are some before, during, and after photos of the demolition; it’s pretty amazing to see the changes.


View from Southeast corner before demolition.


Center of the warehouse before demolition.


Future site of the tasting room.


Doug looking things over before demo begins.


Making room for the tasting room and barrel room.


Warehouse walls coming down.


Taking out offices to make room for the bar and cold box.


Again, a view from the Southeast corner. Walls now gone. Almost ready to build a brewery.


Soon to be tasting room, bar!



Thank you for your continued encouragement. We appreciate the support!


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