Monthly Archives: December 2011

Although we have spent much of our time and energy on the tasting room the last few months, we have also been working on a few other projects since obtaining our building permits and passing the many inspections required for construction.

Since we promised you a play-by-play of the whole process, here are a few of the other things we have been doing including framing, plumbing, insulation, and drywalling.  Even though this really has nothing to do with beer or brewing, we still find it fun to report this news to you because it’s all the tiny pieces that will lead up to the brewery.

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Hi everyone,

Sorry if it seems like things have been slow over here at Societe. We want to let you know that a large focus of what has been going on the past month dealt with prepping and designing the tasting room. Travis and I are extremely proud and excited for the tasting room…so much so that we want it to be a surprise to all guests. Because of that, we have chosen to keep the tasting room build-out highly classified and confidential. Please know that we appreciate the continued support and things are chugging along here just smoothly. We hope to see everyone here next May!


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