Monthly Archives: March 2014

We value the integrity of our beer and want to ensure you enjoy the finest-quality version of it even when you take it home with you. This is the basis for our growler fill guidelines, which allow the following vessels to be filled per the request of individuals 21 years of age or older:

  • Any clean, Societe-branded growler
  • Any clean, unbranded 1- or 2-liter swing-top, stainless-steel or brown-glass growler
  • Any clean, unbranded 1- or 2-liter wide-mouth, swing-top, ceramic growler

Vessels we will not fill include:

  • Dirty or poorly-maintained growlers
  • Growlers featuring other companies’ branding
  • Threaded, screw-top vessels, including high-quality, vacuum-insulated growlers
  • Glass vessels with screw-top lids
  • Growlers defaced with stickers, duct tape or other obstructive materials
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