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If you’re reading this, it’s because you want to visit our tasting room, and we very much appreciate that. It’s important to us that you—and all of our customers—have the best experience possible. To ensure that, we have specific policies requiring all tour buses, limousines and high-volume transportation providers to abide by the following:

  • Reservations: Approved Transportation Providers must make reservations in advance by contacting [email protected]. A list of approved providers is provided below.
  • Valid ID: All customers arriving via hired transportation must have valid ID. Those failing to present ID upon request will not be served.
  • Decorum: All customers must act respectfully to our staff and other guests while in our tasting room. Those who fail to do so may be asked to leave.
  • Overserving: Per California State law, any guest who is obviously intoxicated will not be served.

Click here for detailed information regarding tasting room policies, including acceptable forms of ID and regulations against overserving.

Approved Transportation Providers

Individuals arriving via any buses or limousines not on our Approved Transportation Providers list will be denied entry into our tasting room. Our current Approved Transportation Providers are:

  • Adventures in San Diego
  • Brew Hop
  • Brewery Tours of San Diego
  • Epicurean San Diego
  • HotShots Brewery Tours
  • Scavengers San Diego Beer & Adventure Tours
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