It’s impossible to lay gaze upon The Miser’s wealth of treasures and avoid succumbing to petty jealousy. He has it all, and he has it all on everybody else. But is he happy? Of course he is. He has everything, and your envy is the very proof that material things matter as much as they do. Otherwise, why would he eschew basic gestures of generosity despite having far more than he could ever need? Like all of us, The Miser has chosen what’s important in life, and what means the most to him is stuff, and the accumulation of it. Yes, he has it all…and he intends to keep every bit of it for himself.

The Miser Triple IPA

Being in The Miser’s eccentric presence can be challenging—and a tad more than some can withstand. Fortunately, he keeps to himself for the most part, making only the rarest of public appearances; pouring into town like some gaudy parade-float for a covetous world to get an eyeful of. He’s a show-off, but you have to hand it to him, while this victor hoards his spoils, he puts them to good use, extracting the very best from the very best stock to produce a spectacle both overwhelming and delicious. More hops than should be afforded on any one beer are packed into every stage of the brewing process to produce a brawny yet fluid quaff with illustrious aromatics of stone-fruit and pine, followed by bold citrus and tropical-fruit flavors. It’s balanced, but not the least bit subtle; something to be appreciated…provided you can pry a glass from The Miser’s stingy death-grip.

Subculture: Out West | Style: Triple IPA | Alcohol-by-Volume: 10.5%
Availability: Draft-only (once in a blue moon), exclusively at the Societe Tasting Room

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