You roll along, taking in scenes of uncharted territory while basking in the splendorous freedom of the open road. You have four wheels, a full tank of petrol and not a care in the world. The world is your oyster…or so you mistakenly think. In truth, this particular section of the world belongs to another—The Highwayman. He’s made the tarred narrow swath bisecting these otherwise deserted expanses his own, not by deed or contract, but by sheer force of will. Without a lawman for miles, this strategic hijacker is a self-appointed judge, jury and executioner…if it comes to that. He prefers to merely brandish his club, but the notches inflicted upon it by the skulls of those who would defy The Highwayman’s will are proof that it’s far more than a motivating prop.

The Highwayman Brett-Aged Pale Ale

You’ll know he’s in your vicinity the second you catch a whiff of barnyard mixed with horse-stable and lemon trees, but by the time you pick up on that, it’ll be too late. The Highwayman will be upon you, demanding the swift surrender of your will and worldly goods. Whether you go at The Highwayman head-on or employ evasive zigzagery, resistance is futile; he always gets what he thinks he has coming to him. And just when you think you have him pinned—he’s funky, he’s vinous, he’s fruity, he’s spicy—he pulls something new out of his bag of tricks, transforming in your very presence into something completely different. Give up, give in and you’ll reach your final destination. You’ll be a little lighter when you get there, but you’ll certainly arrive a more seasoned wayfarer.

Subculture: Feral | Style: Pale Ale Aged with Brettanomyces | Alcohol-by-Volume: 6.6%
Availability: For sale exclusively in 500ml bottles at the Societe Tasting Room

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