Monthly Archives: June 2017

Within the musical medium, a seemingly small and finite number of keys give way to infinite possibilities based entirely on the instrument of choice, interpretation, creativity and personality of each individual artist. Some channel their breath and energies into woodwinds, while others tickle the ivories or establish rhythmic foundations using drums and percussion. The Fiddler opts for cat-gut strings and a well-rosined bow, neither of which are ever out of his nimble fingers’ reach. To enter the public eye is to face inescapable propositioning from his adoring public. Oft are the occasions when fans rise to their feet at The Fiddler’s arrival, using pleading applause to petition him for an impromptu rendition of one of his sweet melodies. A gifted musician with a generous soul, he obliges as often as possible.

The Fiddler IPA with an actual fiddle

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