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A man of the people more concerned with his constituents than himself. ‘Tis a sadly difficult concept to put stock in these days, yet such noble individuals do, indeed, exist. Take, for instance, The Statesman. For years, the masses have been in dire need of this humble-yet-profound individual, but most had resigned themselves to the harsh reality that he may never take a run at the muck-strewn political arena. But just as all hope seemed lost, he tossed his bowler into the ring, eager to show up the gubernatorial flash-in-the-pan flavors of the week what a downhome, pure-of-heart stalwart and pillar of the community could do to return some semblance of a finer and simpler time to his present-day countrymen.

The Statesman Pale Ale

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She’s petite—almost waifish—but don’t let her slightness of size fool you. The Damsel has a lot to offer, and despite literary lore, she is not in need of rescuing. She can (and does) hold her own. But while others pound their chests, proclaiming their superior strength, she keeps her head down, maintaining a low profile and the gracious nobility that is her trademark. She needn’t announce her many virtues, for those who would most appreciate them will take the time to unearth them and hold her in the high regard she so richly deserves. Until then, she extracts sufficient satisfaction from her own inner-might and self-reliance.

The Damsel Belgian Table Beer

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He’ll allow you to go on with your daily rounds, week after week, month after month, completely oblivious to his presence, until your faithful toiling has yielded the results you’ve worked so hard for. And then it shall be his. The focus of his most recent surveilling was a vineyard made lush and rife with tight Grenache Blanc grapes care of the blood and sweat of its tender. That kindly vintner carefully harvested the literal fruits of his labor, readying for the crafting of his newest vintage…but it would never be. For as soon as he turned his back, leaving his horticultural haul unattended, The Thief went from watcher to man of action, skulking into the vineyard to make off with every last grape. By the time that fruit’s rightful owner knew what had happened it was too late. Out of time and out of ingredients, all he could do was hang his head and slink back home, determined to be a stauncher defender come next year’s harvest.

The Thief Feral Ale with Locally Grown Grenache Blanc

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