Monthly Archives: September 2017

We wear our enthusiasm for beer and the history of brewing on our sleeves, but one glorious sixteen-to-eighteen-day stretch during the onset of autumn, we get to affix that amour to a colorful pair of lederhosen. We are referring, of course, to Bavaria’s epic folk festival, Oktoberfest, during which Munich residents and the many who flock to that German city participate in communal revelry fueled primarily by traditional lager. Being members of a busy brewery half a world away, we aren’t at liberty for a cross-Atlantic trek, but rather than lament geographical shortfalls, we hold our own festivities at our tasting room (this year’s Societe Oktoberfest will take place Saturday, September 30 from noon to 10 p.m.), an essential component of which is our own Oktoberfest Lager, Die Kellnerin. Easy-drinking and exhibiting vibrant floral and mineral notes introduced by industrious lager yeast, it’s a taste of the mutterland in the heart of San Diego.

Die Kellnerin Oktoberfest Lager

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