Psst. Hey, you? Looking for a good time? We know that forlorn look. We’ve seen it a million times. But fear not, we know someone who has the remedy for your lonesomeness: The Madam. She has the in on the sin in this town. No need to be coy. Many are the man seeking a scratch to the proverbial itch; carnal agitation and unrequited desire are realities as common as they are widespread. They feed her livelihood while she feeds their sufferers’ primal urges. Consider The Madam the physician with the tonic to cure what ails you. Like a medicine-man, she’s carefully cultivated a stock of rather attractive antidotal options, so surely there is one that will stroke your fancy.

Let The Madam’s lure you into her garden of delights. A bouquet of fresh-cut flowers, citrus oils and exotic spices will embrace you; a prelude to a kiss…and the rapture sure to follow. Leave the navigation to her as she guides you toward a feast for the senses conjured in accordance with your personal cravings. Slip away from the toils of everyday life and fall headfirst into ravenous ecstasy. Time and space will melt away as you lose yourself to the supple, fluid splendor of an experience both pleasurable and incredibly potent, knowing all the while this moment is yours and yours alone; a secret between the mutually discreet. The Madam protects her valued clientele, hoping—and knowing for certain—they’ll come again.

The Madam
Subculture: Old World | Style: Belgian-style Golden Strong Ale | Alcohol-by-Volume: 8.0%
Availability: Draft-only, at the Societe Tasting Room and throughout San Diego County

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