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With a name like Wine Enthusiast, one might expect the publication to focus solely on the liquid exports of vineyards, but this national magazine and online outlet pays close attention to all adult beverages, including spirits and, yes, beer! They’re astute enough that they even keep tabs on little guys like us. In fact, one of our beers, The Savage Feral Dark Ale with Cherries, made it all the way to #14 on the Top 25 Beers of 2017 list in their annual best-of issue. As one can imagine, we were touched and elated. Here are the nice things Beer Editor Lauren Buzzeo had to say about this beer (that we happen to be pretty keen on, too).

Wine Enthusiast Top 100 Wines of 2017 Issue

Societe The Savage Feral (American Wild Ale; Societe Brewing Company, CA). This blended-barrel ale is matured in wine barrels and aged with cherries. A beautiful and well-balanced sour, it pours an expected reddish-brown color, with a light head that falls somewhat fast. The nose packs some punch, with assertive notes of sour cherries, sweet oak, plum sauce, balsamic and vanilla bean, alongside shadings of pepper and baking spice. The palate is full but lifted, with bright acidity and vinous tones to counter the rich chocolate-dusted cherry and sweet wood flavors. This savage is worth seeking out. 92 points

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We received an early Christmas present when the beer connoisseurs from Paste Magazine named our humble operation one of the 10 best breweries of the entire 2017 calendar year. It’s always an honor to receive accolades from individuals who truly care about beer (and if you have read Paste‘s coverage, you can tell that they harbor both an affinity and devotion to craft ales and lagers), but in introducing us and explaining why they selected us, writer James Vorel had some particularly nice things to say. He’s really taken the time to get to know us beyond the foamy surface of our beer portfolio, and that means a lot to us. We were so touched we wanted to share his words with all of you.

Paste Magazine Logo

Societe Brewing Company, San Diego, CA: Societe is a brewery that has not yet placed at #1 in a Paste blind tasting…but it’s also a brewery where it feels like it’s probably only a matter of time. They’re just a consistently impressive San Diego outfit, whether they’re turning out clean, crisp IPAs or lovely barrel-aged wild ales. Every year at [the Great American Beer Festival], they always seem to bring something that captures my attention in a way that is unique—this year it was their hop-forward stout, The Volcanist, which seems to be on a mission to revive one of the industry’s most neglected beer styles, the “American-style stout.” They just do everything well, from pilsner to imperial stout, and all of those beers tend to have one thing in common—they are pristine and immaculate in terms of their execution. Clean, crisp beer is the trademark we’ve come to associate with Societe, and it’s part of the reason why their entries seem to score well in every blind tasting they enter. They make a pilsner that is a great example of west coast pils, and a session IPA that is a great argument in favor of why we should bother making and drinking session IPA. All that, and they’ve got some of the best-looking labels, iconography and growlers in the game today. Societe is a very complete package.

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