Visitors to our tasting room will notice a brand-new version of a long-time beer, our single-hope lager, The Bachelorette. This comely, perpetually-unattached femme fatale has brought on a new beau, and he’s at the heart of our new offering, The Bachelorette with Simcoe “Shake.” What, pray tell, is “Shake,” you ask? ‘Tis a valid question and one that can be adequately, nay, expertly explained by Societe co-founder and brewmaster Travis Smith

Placard for The Bachelorette with Simcoe "Shake" Single-Hop Lager

The Bachelorette single-hop lager we are releasing this month features a relatively new hop product. It is part of YCH Hops‘ new Cryo Hops products. The primary product from this program is LupuLN2, which was briefly known as lupulin powder. LupuLN2 is created by hyper-freezing whole-leaf hops and, through agitation, separating most of the “good stuff” from the hop flower. This LupuLN2 contains most of the flower’s resins and aromatic oils, and is designed to provide intense hop flavor and aroma. What we are using in this version of The Bachelorette is not LupuLN2, but the leftovers from the LupuLN2-making process. This is the other product in YCH’s Cryo lineup, and it is currently called “Debittered-leaf.”

While we would never use a product like this in an IPA, we also would probably never use regular Simcoe or LupuLN2 in a pilsner-like lager. This product may have had much of the goods removed, but what we are left with is the concentrated bract of the hops which has been separated from most of the lupulin glands. It is a low-alpha product which retains variety-specific aroma and flavor characteristics and is essentially a Northwest twist on traditional, low-alpha hops.

When senior brewer Teddy Gowan and I were talking about how we, as a brewery, were going to explain what this product was to our customers, he thought of the term “shake.” Teddy is a smart guy, but this was a moment of brilliance. “Shake” is the perfect descriptive name for this product, and we liked it so much we pitched it to our friends at YCH!

—Travis Smith, Co-founder & Brewmaster

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