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Her patch of land may be a bit obscured from the heavily-trodden thoroughfares, the ways and culture of her and her community less understood than those of the mainstream. Nevertheless, The Baroness has ascended the social order, earning her nobility through a deep-seeded devotion to heritage and artisanship. She is proud of where she comes from and weaves her homeland’s history into each barrel of golden elixir she spins into thirst-sating wondrousness from the friendly confines of her feudal domicile. She sees it as a means of telling the story of her people, a lot far too often mistaken for being soft, simple or lacking ambition. She and her neighbors may be soft-spoken, but there is structure and intricacy in their delicate nature…beauty even. This is what she conveys in every glass.

The Baroness Helles Lager

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