Her patch of land may be a bit obscured from the heavily-trodden thoroughfares, the ways and culture of her and her community less understood than those of the mainstream. Nevertheless, The Baroness has ascended the social order, earning her nobility through a deep-seeded devotion to heritage and artisanship. She is proud of where she comes from and weaves her homeland’s history into each barrel of golden elixir she spins into thirst-sating wondrousness from the friendly confines of her feudal domicile. She sees it as a means of telling the story of her people, a lot far too often mistaken for being soft, simple or lacking ambition. She and her neighbors may be soft-spoken, but there is structure and intricacy in their delicate nature…beauty even. This is what she conveys in every glass.

The Baroness Helles Lager

The Baroness will quench your thirst, but not without providing a flavorful journey exalting the characteristics of her Bavarian home. Pale as straw but rendered a vibrant golden hue by the kiss of the sun, her famed lager is similarly light on the palate. Soft bubbles wash across one’s palate, leaving in their wake traces of herbal, earthy hops and a cracker-like breadiness in the bone-dry finish. Crafted as a staple—a celebratory quaff for the everyday—The Baroness stands as a testament to honoring tradition and simultaneously fueling both body and soul.

Subculture: Old World | Style: Helles-style Lager | Alcohol-by-Volume: 5.2%
Availability: Draft-only at the Societe Tasting Room and throughout San Diego County

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