May 3, 2018 marked a significant moment in the history of our brewery, as co-founder and brewmaster Travis Smith took the stage with Societe colleagues Kevin Schmaltz and Mike Boggess to accept Societe’s first-ever World Beer Cup gold medal in Nashville, Tennessee. That heavy metal was earned by The Thief, a wine-barrel-aged Feral ale rested on Grenache Blanc grapes our brewing team hand-processed with our friends at Escondido’s Vesper Vineyards. Inoculated with Brettanomyces and our house blend of pleasantly-invasive microorganisms, it took top honors in the Mixed Culture Brett Beer category thanks to its balance, exotic flavors (earthiness, spice, vinousness) and a complex, distinctive funk. All too often, award-winning beers are hard to come by, but we are happy to report that we still have a respectable inventory of 500-milliliter, corked-and-caged bottles of the winning vintage (2017) of The Thief available in our tasting room. Stop on by and get a taste of this milestone beer while supplies last!

Societe's team accepts World Beer Cup gold medal for The Thief Feral Ale with Locally Grown Grenache Blanc

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