Thanks to all of you, we have enjoyed six incredible years being part of San Diego’s amazing craft-brewing scene. To celebrate, we toyed with ideas for grandiose events spanning multiple days and a multitude of (overly) complicated initiatives, but in the end we decided that saying “thank you” to our fans was paramount, and that doing so should be simple and straightforward. And that’s what this year’s anniversary festivities will be all about. Beginning Wednesday, June 6 (6/6…get it?, we will have special-edition glassware on sale for $10 each (that includes your first beer). These fine-looking collectibles fit nicely with the specialty glasses we’ve produced for each of our preceding anniversaries. Adding to their worth is the fact we will take $1 off of every beer that we pour into SOCIETE 6 glasses from June 6 to 30. This even applies to our Feral ales and, extra-special bonus, these glasses hold more than our standard tasting-room glassware, so this equates to quite the multi-week economic coup.

Commemorative Societe sixth-anniversary glassware

Astute fans of drinking receptacles may have noticed our SOCIETE 6 glasses are ideally suited for a fluffy-headed lager. That’s because we intend to introduce a brand-new beer that we’ve been fine-tuning for a good while. It goes by the name The Mistress, and is a hoppy pilsner given aromatic and falvorful profundancy care of Saphir, Sterling and Hallertau Blanc hops, three varietals that impressed us when showcased as part of our single-hop lager program. Look for her to sneak her way into our taproom (and your heart) at or near June 6.

The Mistress Hoppy Pilsner

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