Thanks chiefly to the dueling musical affinities of its founders, Societe has classically revolved around the bluegrass and death-metal genres. Earlier this year, we started offering Metal Yoga sessions with our friends from San Diego Metal Yoga. Taking place on the last Saturday of each month, each featured rocking playlists, including one developed by our very own Doug Constantiner. It’s been such a hit, that we decided to go the equal-opportunity route, establishing a new monthly tradition: Bluegrass Yoga, which is led by certified yoga instructor Renda Nazzal, and takes place the second Saturday of every month. To keep things simple, the events mirror each other. Each starts at 10:30 a.m., with a price of $15 per person that includes an hour-long session plus a ticket for a full pour of Societe beer afterward (in the serene environs of our tasting room, which doesn’t open until noon). No matter your musical tastes, you can find inner peace (and awesome beer) in the friendly confines of your (hopefully) favorite San Diego brewery.

Bluegrass and Metal Yoga poster

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