From day one, we have handled every aspect of our business, from building our brewery to brewing our beers and serving them to our friends and fans in our tasting room. That DIY spirit extended to our sales and distribution. For seven years, we delivered every single keg and bottle of Societe beer that made it out of our home base, but thanks to all of you, the demand for our ales and lagers has risen to the point where there is simply no way we can continue to self-distribute. It’s time to hand it over, so that’s just what we’re doing. It’s something we didn’t take lightly. Once we determined it was time to go this direction, we met several times with literally every distributor servicing our home region. There are numerous distro operations doing a terrific job here, but over the course of our search, one proved a perfect fit; a distributor that, like us, is focused solely on San Diego County and, to our great pleasure, features a number of industry veterans we know, respect and really, really like. That interest isĀ Scout Distribution, and we are proud to announce our newly-inked partnership with them. They will begin distributing our beers in early-June. What will this mean? For fans of our beer, it will be easier to find and available in far more locations, so that’s pretty fantastic. For us, it’ll make it easier for us to commit our resources to everything else that goes into running a brewery, including the most important thing – making the best quality beer possible!

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