The brewing process itself is much the same at any small brewery, so what makes Societe distinct?

Stated simply, great brewing requires experience and a steadfast dedication to the details.

Beer, like any natural product, will be different and will require special handling with each batch, as variances in the raw ingredients, processes, and even the weather are inevitable. It may require robots to make the most consistent beer possible, but it takes skill and experience to make the best beer possible.

Good brewers, like good chefs, make adjustments on the fly based on observation. It takes a lot of experience to know when and how much to open a valve, and when and at what speed to turn on a pump.

While we embrace the best modern brewing equipment and technology to the fullest, the role of our brewers will always be the absolute most essential element to create the kind of beer we strive for – the type of beer that we live and breathe for – the very beer that inspired us to establish Societe Brewing Company.