Travis Smith


Our co-founding Brewmaster has been a fan of “beer-flavored beer” far before it became a part of the pop-culture lexicon. It’s what he delights in crafting. As such, hops, malt, yeast, water and little else form the foundation for all of Societe’s draught offerings. At the same time, he marvels at the endless possibilities presented by barrel-aging, wild yeast and flavor-altering microorganisms. It’s in Societe’s sizeable stock of oak wine barrels that fruit and other adjuncts find a more common place in limited, tasteful quantities, lending further depth to dry, tart and otherwise exotic ales.

Travis’ devout beer-purism is based on numerous Old World brewing traditions and was cemented at the onset of his career, working under the tutelage of famed brewer Vinnie Cilurzo at Russian River Brewing Co. He spent a half-decade honing his skills there, brewing world-renowned hoppy, malt-driven and barrel-aged beers, before moving south to assume the role of Lead Brewer at The Bruery, where his diverse brewing prowess fit perfectly with that operation’s two-tiered fresh and oak-matured lines of beers…

Douglas Constantiner


Raised to appreciate quality food and drink, our co-founding Brewery Curator had his life forever changed by a chocolate stout—in his teens. Though unable to purchase or legally consume craft-beer, he became instantly enamored with it and even began brewing in college. His obsession with artisan ales and lagers was such that it would reshape the course of a professional life previously destined for the finance industry.

After graduating the University of Arizona (and draining Tucson retailers of any craft-beer he could get his hands on), Doug moved to New York City to start his career. Even as he headed cross-country to take up investment banking, he kept revisiting his ultimate dream of someday opening his own brewery. After two years of grueling workdays, he decided to refocus on what really mattered in life, choosing craftsmanship over wealth. He immersed himself in beer- and brewing-education, eventually moving to Southern California, where he worked at Pizza Port, Oggi’s and Green Flash Brewing Co. before taking a full-time job at The Bruery…

It was at The Bruery that Travis and Doug met. A deep appreciation for beer drew them to each other and formed the basis of not only an enduring friendship, but a shared aspiration. That aspiration exists today in brick-and-mortar form—Societe Brewing Company. Based on the simple principles of high-quality ales and lagers built to advance beer’s reputation and place in the modern world by remaining true to its Old World roots, Societe aims to strip away all barriers to beer enlightenment and enjoyment and, in the process, start and perpetuate meaningful conversations. Just as it did for Travis and Doug, beer possesses an almost unsurpassed ability to not only bring people together, but also keep them together. These principles and our principals (Travis & Doug) are why Societe exists.