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Few words can do justice the excitement everyone experienced as the flatbed trucks pulled up to the building on March 14. Once everyone was ready, it took more than 12 hours to strategically unload and move all the tanks into position. With each vessel placed and leveled it felt more and more like everything was coming together.  Though, we have to say
the best moment of the day was when the first tank, one of our 20bbl (bbl = barrel, 1 barrel= 31 gallon = 2 kegs) fermenters, was placed and everyone joined in helping remove the protective plastic covering. It was like Christmas morning!

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November 3, 2011

Wow.  It’s been almost one month since our last blog post…how the time flies!

This week as a whole has been a monumental milestone for us and sets much of the pace and timing for the rest of Societe’s build-out.  For those you who read our Twitter and Facebook you might have seen that we received our building permits late in the workday on Monday.  These permits allow us to schedule inspections from the city, which in turn allow us to finally BUILD up the brewery.  Pending approval from the inspections we will get the green light to complete the remaining 75% of the build-out.

Since submitting our plans to the city a little over a month ago we haven’t gotten much done in terms of construction since that would be unlawful.  Instead we shifted our focus to the brewhouse, cellar, and packaging operations.

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