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The holidays are upon us and we have lots planned for the final stretch of 2017. Our annual Holiday Food Drive is already in full swing, with patrons trading donations to the San Diego Food Bank for pours of extremely rare beers. The initial trio of specialty tappings (Batch 1 of The Butcher Imperial Stout, The Savage Dark Feral Ale, and The Thief Feral Ale with Locally Grown Grenache Blanc Grapes) are going fast. But worry not, we have other rare offerings in line to take their place, including Batch 1 of The Swindler Feral Blonde Ale from 2016 and Batch 1 of The Highbinder Feral Ale with Raspberries from 2017). Additionally, we’ll host Sore Eye Sudsmas on Saturday, December 8. Held each year, it brings in thousands of pounds of donations for our Food Drive, which we reward by tapping the rarest of the rare. This year, it will be The Patriarch, a one-time-only Feral Ale with Boysenberries blend we originally concocted to celebrate Toronado San Francisco‘s 30-year anniversary. Can’t make it out for Sudsmas? No worries. Our Food Drive will run until December 31.

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With literally hundreds of events happening throughout the county during San Diego Beer Week, one must be strategic. That applies to breweries, too. We consider SDBW an opportunity to get out and spend time enjoying events at spots that carry our beer and support us all year long. So, if you’re getting strategic and trying to make the most out of your Beer Week, we’d like to invite you to drop in and spend part of it with us at any of the events we’re taking part in. Here’s a handy-dandy schedule to help you locate us…and a good time!

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Thanks chiefly to the dueling musical affinities of its founders, Societe has classically revolved around the bluegrass and death-metal genres. Earlier this year, we started offering Metal Yoga sessions with our friends from San Diego Metal Yoga. Taking place on the last Saturday of each month, each featured rocking playlists, including one developed by our very own Doug Constantiner. It’s been such a hit, that we decided to go the equal-opportunity route, establishing a new monthly tradition: Bluegrass Yoga, which is led by certified yoga instructor Renda Nazzal, and takes place the second Saturday of every month. To keep things simple, the events mirror each other. Each starts at 10:30 a.m., with a price of $15 per person that includes an hour-long session plus a ticket for a full pour of Societe beer afterward (in the serene environs of our tasting room, which doesn’t open until noon). No matter your musical tastes, you can find inner peace (and awesome beer) in the friendly confines of your (hopefully) favorite San Diego brewery.

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Thanks to all of you, we have enjoyed six incredible years being part of San Diego’s amazing craft-brewing scene. To celebrate, we toyed with ideas for grandiose events spanning multiple days and a multitude of (overly) complicated initiatives, but in the end we decided that saying “thank you” to our fans was paramount, and that doing so should be simple and straightforward. And that’s what this year’s anniversary festivities will be all about. Beginning Wednesday, June 6 (6/6…get it?, we will have special-edition glassware on sale for $10 each (that includes your first beer). These fine-looking collectibles fit nicely with the specialty glasses we’ve produced for each of our preceding anniversaries. Adding to their worth is the fact we will take $1 off of every beer that we pour into SOCIETE 6 glasses from June 6 to 30. This even applies to our Feral ales and, extra-special bonus, these glasses hold more than our standard tasting-room glassware, so this equates to quite the multi-week economic coup.

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Last year, thanks to the generosity of our patrons, we were able to collect a whopping 23,153 pounds of needed provisions for the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank. That’s more than 11.5 tons and equates to an incredible 19,294 meals! We knew we had awesome fans frequenting our tasting room, but this exceeded our wildest dreams for this charity effort. The 2016 drive saw an overwhelming 366% increase in donations from the previous year’s campaign. We know it won’t be easy and we’re biting of quite a challenge, but we’d like to attempt to collect even more food this year than last year. We’re ready to put our money–and our beer–where our hearts are, and provide plenty of incentives to reward the people who help us help San Diego families in need.

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While some fear the approach of All Hallow’s Eve, we harbor a freakish, nay, frightening love for Halloween. Enough that we’re stretching our celebration of things that go bump in the night to five days, each with its own special activities and promotion. Read on and mark your calendars (in blood) appropriately!

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We have a great deal of goings-on in our tasting room this month; the class of events for which one marks their calendar in ink lest they miss out on surefire merriment.

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Our brewery and the beer that pours forth from it exist for the purpose of indulgence. So it’s fitting we’re celebrating a half-decade in business by pushing the boundaries of quality consumption with an event so gargantuan, we had to pull out a cleaver and hack it in two meaty, beer-drenched portions. Either will sate those in search of a good time fortified by fine food and beverage, but only those with the hardiest of souls and stomachs will be able to withstand the 9 hours, 12 beers (minimum, including new and rare offerings) and 10 courses of expertly paired cuisine (plus epic charcuterie reception and take-home confections) comprising the full SOCIETE 5 experience, which will take place at our brewery on Saturday, June 24.

To pull off something this big, we’re calling in friends from the 5-Chef Societe, big-name gastronomes who fly under the radar each year to throw celebratory beer-paired suppers with us. (See below for a full roster detailing this skilled troupe.) We’ve brought back nearly every chef who’s lent their talents to these edible endeavors—even some from the other side of the country—and all of us will bring our best to create a day of decadence honoring five years in the books and many more to come. Here are the details…

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In this day and age of ultra-rare beers, it’s become commonplace for consumers to encounter bottles coming in far above the price-tag of everyday ales and lagers. Some of these higher-end creations come in at $20, $30 or even a budget-breaking $40 each. Not to be outdone, we are about to release our most cost-prohibitive offering to-date: The Urchin. Aged in red-wine barrels hailing from California vintners, rested on pristine cranberries from the bogs of New England, then blended to perfection and siphoned into 500-milliliter bottles, this exquisite, extremely limited quaff can be had for a whopping $50 per bottle…or a mere $5 for those who help out needy San Diego families via Societe’s annual holiday food-drive.


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SFBW 2016

That’s right folks, once again it’s time for our favorite Beer Week that doesn’t start with “San Diego.”

San Francisco Beer Week is back this year, although slightly earlier thanks to this year’s Sports Bowl.  From January 22 – 30, 2016, San Francisco plays host to one of the best Beer Week’s in the country and we head up North to share a bunch of great beer with our friends in the Bay Area.  We’re loading up our truck with as much Societe beer as we can haul up to y’all, so come find us around town and let’s get a beer together.  Check us here:

Friday, January 22

San Francisco Beer Week Opening Gala | 6:00pm – 10:00pm | Nope, we’re not pouring beer at this event given that San Diego is just a bit further south than South Bay, San Francisco.  But we wouldn’t miss one of the best showcases for Bay Area beer.  We’ll be hanging around the festival checking out the beers from old friends and new ones.  Tickets are SOLD-OUT, so we hope that you didn’t miss out on this one.  There’s no other way to kick-off Beer Week and support the San Francisco Brewers Guild.

Saturday, January 23

The Reunion at The Rare Barrel | 2:00pm – 10:00pm | A long time ago, in a brewery far, far away … well, Orange County can seem pretty far away when traffic is gnarly … Jay Goodwin, Doug Constantiner, and Travis Smith all worked together with Patrick Rue at The Bruery.  Fast forward to today, and collectively The Bruery, The Rare Barrel, and Societe Brewing are all kick-ass breweries, with great people brewing great beer.  We’re getting the band back together for a Reunion at The Rare Barrel, featuring five beers from each brewery with Jay, Patrick, and Doug in the house to reminisce about the good old days.  We had a blast last year and we cannot wait to share some beers again.

Sunday, January 24

Battle of the Guilds at Sessions at the Presidio | 1:00pm – 5:00pm | The traditional Beer Week throwdown is back in San Francisco, this time at a new spot, Sessions at the Presidio.  It’s 15 of the best beers from some of the best breweries in the San Francisco Brewers Guild, the San Diego Brewers Guild, and the L.A. Brewers Guild.  Come out and vote and cheer on your favorite Guild to see who takes home the coveted Golden Keg.

Cellarmaker + Societe Beer Dinner at The Monk’s Kettle | 6:00pm – 11:00pm | Chef Mike O’Brien and the crew at Monk’s Kettle are hosting us and our best buds, Cellarmaker Brewing Company, for a beer dinner that is sure to be lights-out.  We hope you snagged tickets to this SOLD-OUT beer dinner because the menu looks out-of-control delicious.  An Intro, an Outro, and eight courses of great food and awesome beer. Wicked Juicy!

Monday, January 25

Tale of the Hop(s) II: Alpine + Societe + Artist Nick Fullmer at City Beer Store | 6:00pm – 10:00pm | When you think about San Diego beer, you definitely think hoppy.  So do we.  We’re teaming up again with one of our favorite IPA breweries in the world, Alpine Beer Company.  We’ll get together with Pat and Shawn McIlhenney from Alpine and talk hoppy beer and tell stories and, you guessed it, sip on some hoppy beers.  Killer artwork from Nick Fullmer at Graphic Phantom will be on display too at City Beer.  Seriously, so much love.

Tuesday, January 26

Brewer’s Roundtable at The Hop Grenade | 6:00pm – 10:00pm | It’s a meeting of some of the finest minds in beer.  We’ll be talking Hops + Funk with some of our favorite hoppy and funky beer brewers.  We’ve assembled an all-star cast of brewers (and beers) for an evening at The Hop Grenade and a broadcast on The Brewing Network.  We will be joined by Henry Nguyen from Monkish Brewing, Bob Kunz from Highland Park Brewery, Adair Paterno and Tim Clifford from Sante Adairius Rustic Ales, and beers from Beachwood Brewing & BBQ (word has it that Julian Shrago might be calling into the broadcast).  Hoppy and funky beers and a bunch of great people, this is going to be good.

Wednesday, January 27

Brews, Blues, & BBQ at Aptos St. BBQ | 6:00pm – 10:00pm | We’re meeting up with the folks from Council Brewing Company, our San Diego neighbors, for a night of blues and brews and a whole lot of barbecue.  Brisket and tri-tip and pulled pork and smoked chicken and a whole bevvy of beers from Council and Societe.  Come hang out with us for a night of eating and drinking and dancing.  Water, malt, hops, yeast, blues.

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